Resources – Holy Land


Recommended Travel and Site Guides

Charles H. Dyer and Gregory A. Hatteberg, The New Christian Traveler’s Guide to the Holy Land, rev. ed. (Moody Publishers, 2014).

Lamontte M. Luker, An Illustrated Guide to the Holy Land for Tour Groups, Students, and Pilgrims (Abingdon Press, 2013).

Jerome Murphy-O’Connor, The Holy Land: An Oxford Archaeological Guide, 5th rev. ed. (Oxford University Press, 2008).

Ronny Reich, Excavating the City of David: Where Jerusalem’s History Began (Israel Exploration Society, 2011).

Hershel Shanks, Jerusalem: An Archaeological Biography (Random House: 1995).

Peter Walker, In the Steps of Jesus: An Illustrated Guide to the Places of the Holy Land (Zondervan, 2007).

Bible Atlases

Barry J. Beitzel, The New Moody Atlas of the Bible (Moody, 2009).

John D. Currid and David P. Barrett, The Crossway ESV Bible Atlas (Crossway, 2010).

William Schlegel, Satellite Bible Atlas: Historical Geography of the Bible (2012).

Carl G. Rasmussen, Zondervan Essential Atlas of the Bible (Zondervan, 2013).

Geography/Historical Geography of the Holy Land

John A. Beck, The Land of Milk and Honey: An Introduction to the Geography of Israel (Concordia, 2006).


Eric Mitchell, “A Brief History of the Dead Sea Scrolls.” Southwestern Journal of Theology 53.1, 2010.

Robert Payne, The Dream and the Tomb: A History of the Crusades (Dorset Press, 1984; Cooper Square Press, 2000). (Note: A Kindle eBook edition is available from Amazon.)

Archaeology of Bible Lands (General)

Amihai Mazar, Archaeology of the Land of the Bible: 10,000–586 B.C.E. (Doubleday, 1990).
This is volume 1 of 3 on biblical archaeology in the Anchor (Yale) Bible Reference Library.

Ephraim Stern, Archaeology of the Land of the Bible: The Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian Periods (732–332 B.C.E.) (Yale UP, 2001). Volume 2 in the above-mentioned series.

Eric M. Meyers and Mark A. Chancey, Alexander to Constantine: Archaeology of the Land of the Bible (Yale UP: 2012).
The recently published volume 3 in the same series.

Biblical Archaeology Review (ISSN 0098-9444) is a periodical published every other month by the Biblical Archaeology Society. Learn more here and here. This is a spectacularly illustrated publication that also offers a digital subscription. Become familiar with the BAS website, too. There is a wealth of free resources, including ebooks and a daily article/blog.


Charles H. Dyer, Thirty Days in the Land with Jesus: A Holy Land Devotional (Moody Publishers, 2012).

Wayne Stiles, Going Places With God: A Devotional Journey Through the Lands of the Bible (Regal, 2006).

Wayne Stiles, Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus: A Journey Through the Lands and Lessons of Christ (Regal, 2008).

Miriam Feinberg Vamosh and Eva Marie Everson, Reflections of God’s Holy Land: A Personal Journey through Israel (Thomas Nelson, 2008).

Modern Israel

Avi Shlaim, The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World (Norton, 2000).


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