Classes – Greece and Turkey

A series of classes to help prepare for our journey is led by Ron Bentley who will accompany our Greece and Turkey journey. These sessions meet at First UMC, upstairs in the Hub.

We’ll also share some travel tips each week as we build community and learn together. (Note: All are welcome to the classes. You do not need to be traveling with us to participate.)

Classes are Sunday evenings, 3:00 to 5:00 PM. We began Feb. 15, and this is the schedule:

  • Feb. 15, Athens
  • Feb. 22, Corinth
  • Mar. 1, Greek islands, Patmos, Crete
  • Mar. 8, Ephesus
  • Mar. 15, Visit from missionaries in Turkey
  • Mar. 22, Delphi and Thermopylae, ancient pagan Greece
  • Mar. 29, Kalambaka to Thessalonica, Monasticism, fourth century Christianity
  • Apr. 5 … Easter, no class
  • Apr. 12, Philippi, Troy

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