Thirty Days in the Land with Jesus: Kindle Edition for $1.99

Thirty Days in the Land wtih JesusCharlie Dyer’s Thirty Days in the Land with Jesus: A Holy Land Devotional is an excellent devotional resource for those who enjoy the connection between the Holy Land and the Scriptures. The Kindle edition is on sale briefly for $1.99 at, though this devotional book is still worth the regular digital or print price if you miss the sale.

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Recommended Holiday Reading

Shlaim Iron WallAs time permits for those who are traveling to the Holy Land next month, keep doing some reading to prepare further for this experience. The presenter at our January 9 session on modern Israel and Palestine, Dr. Roby Barrett, has especially recommended Avi Shlaim’s The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World. If you can, read (or at least peruse) this excellent book before that session because it will greatly inform your understanding of the current situation in the Holy Land. You can find cheap used copies on, and a paperback edition is available on Amazon.

And during these holidays, remember to keep the whole group traveling to the Holy Land in your daily prayers. May God give us smooth travel, safety, and a life-changing and faith-building experience on this journey.

Dig It: Water and the Word

In the introductory session of our class “Going Places” last week, we discussed some of the theological connections between the land, the people, and the blessings of God. God used the weather—specifically the rainfall—as a living lesson in Israel’s need to trust God and to be faithful in their covenant relationship. Wayne Stiles has some great thoughts on this in a recent post on his blog.

And speaking of water, we will be talking about the Sea of Galilee next week. The Jerusalem Post recently reported that water levels are encouragingly higher this fall for three main reasons. See the article here.

The history of the Crusades that John referred to in the Going Places class Wednesday is: The Dream and the Tomb: A History of the Crusades, by Robert Payne (1984).

HT: Todd Bolen