Stop in Frankfurt

We have stopped off in Frankfurt before catching our connecting flight to Athens.  It is 3:00 AM at home, but Frankfurt is bright and bustling.  The jet lag begins.


We were over Ireland and England in the plane as the sun came up earlier this morning.  We looked out the window, though, and there was nothing but cloud cover.  Perhaps we should have expected no less.  The clouds cleared as we approached London, but it is difficult to discern much detail from 39,000 feet.

Tina wondered out loud if the apostle Paul was so worried about getting on the ship and on the way that he was too distracted even to speak to his traveling companions when they first got started.  In any case, we will climb on the plane one day and arrive at our destination the next.  Paul could only have been so lucky; he had no air conditioning, cushioned seats or movies en route, and the trip was much longer.

In the Frankfurt airport, though, there was enough to keep our jet-lagged minds occupied for the few hours we had to kill.  One item was the baffling German advertisements for a home delivery shopping network.  Each advertisement prominently featured a different picture with birds in suits.

Then there DSC00872were the “German” Gummi Bears somebody had to pick up for a family member … complete with the English logo, “Original since 1922.”

We are quaffing the strongest coffee concoction we can find as we await the flight.  Next post from Athens.


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  1. We are on time waiting in London Heathrow…great flight over. See you tonight…Terry and Kay


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