Joy, unspjoyeakable joy, rises in my soul!

The first century Christians had that JOY, do you?

Join me on our next great adventure to Greece and Turkey as we visit the cities where Paul, Priscilla, and Aquila, our ancestors in faith, lived and worked.

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Visit the sites – engage in the question….. Come share the experience with us.

As we enter the Advent season my thoughts go toward Bethlehem and the events in that small city so many years ago.  I remember my visits more recently to the city of Bethlehem – cold, wintry, sunny, and warm with friendship in the faith community.wpid-IMG_9692.JPG

When we talk about Jesus’s birth, we also need to talk about the purpose and mission that Jesus carried out.  We talk about sacrifice, crucifixion, resurrection and life everlasting.

As Christmas comes near the end of our calendar year, we look ahead to the next year.  We plan and we set goals.  We start talking like the disciples did just after Jesus ascended into Heaven – “What do we do now?  How do we live our lives differently after this experience and knowing Jesus?”

I struggle with this question, just as the first century Christians did, just as Christians throughout the ages have struggled and still struggle.

In April, 2015 The First United Methodist Church in McKinney is sponsoring a field trip – the opportunity to visit the cities where those early Christians lived in Greece and Turkey.  We will read from Paul’s letter to the churches in these cities and discuss the struggle through the ages.

I’m looking forward to sharing this adventure with new and long-time friends.

We still have room on the trip! We would love to share this adventure with you.

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