Bethlehem Bible College Wish List 2014

Bethlehem Bible CollegeOnce again this year, our Holy Land group will have the privilege of delivering donated items to Bethlehem Bible College. Bethlehem is the first stop on our tour, and while we are there, we will meet Alex and Brenda Awad at the school to hear about their ministry and how the college has grown to what it is today. Alex is a Jerusalem native, a founder and professor at the college, the pastor of a church in East Jerusalem, and a United Methodist missionary. He and Brenda lived in McKinney at one time, and they are special friends of FUMC.

Each year, we request a “wish list” from Bethlehem Bible College, to help us serve them by providing supplies for their educational and community ministries that are either unavailable or prohibitively expensive locally. We will be collecting items through the last Sunday in January, and we receive donated materials from anyone who wishes to participate. This ministry is not only open to those who are traveling with the group. Please bring items to the Adult Discipleship Office (Pastor John Harman) until Sunday, January 26.

You can download the 2-page list as a pdf here: BBC Wishlist 2014, or view it below.

Office Supplies

1. Flash Memories 8 or 16 GB (10 to 15)
2. Blank CDs and DVDs
3. Highlighters/ Permanent Markers
4. Scissors
5. Legal Pads/ Note Pads
6. Scotch tape and Duct Tape
7. Tape dispenser
8. Blue Ink Pens/ Red Ink Pens/ Black Ink Pens
9. Dry Erase Markers and White board erasers
10. Expo White Board cleaning Spray
11. Staples/  Good Quality Staplers
12. Manilla Envelopes 10×12 Inches non padded
13. Post-it-Notes
14. Note Pads
15. Rubber Bands
16. Office High Quality Paper Cutters ( 1or 2)
17. Pencils
18. Paper clips/ Paper Clip Holders
19. Copy holder (for typing) “Page Up”
20. Sharpeners / Eraser / Rulers
21. Spiral Note Books
22. Greeting Cards (variety of occasions mostly Thank you & Congratulations, or blank Cards where you can write your own message)
23. Professional Calculators for office work especially finance Office. (Quantity 6)
24. Batteries Different sizes
25. Wall and/or Desk Calendars.

Guest House/ Kitchen Supplies

1. Table Cloth/ Runners (for Bible College general use)
2. Duvet Covers (Quantity 30) “if Possible”
3. Mattress Pads or protectors Twin Bed Size (Quantity 6)
4. Twin bed fitted sheets 12
5. Dish towels
6. Bath & Hand towels
7. Cake decorating supplies


1. Vitamins Centrum multi purpose
2. Calcium with vitamin D preferably
3. Ibuprofen
4. Advil
5. Aspirin
6. Tylenol extra Strength or regular/ and Tylenol for Children Chewable
7. Band aids assorted sizes
8. Children Vitamins
9. Neosporin ointment
10. Omega 3(Fish Oil)
11. First Aid kits (7 of them)
12. Ace bandage wraps (different sizes)
13. Glucosamine Chondroiten (quantity 6)
14. Lutein Pills (eyes)

Children: Summer Camp Supplies

1. Coloring Books
2. Story Books
3. Craft Books
4. Crayons & Coloring Pencils
5. Special  Scissors for Art Crafts
6. Glitter/ Beads/ Shells
7. Glue sticks
8. Reward Stickers
9. Toys ( Puzzle, mind building games)
10. Colored construction paper (A4 size)
11. Face paint


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