A Thank-You from Bethlehem Bible College

On the first full day of our Holy Land 2013 tour, we visited Bethlehem Bible College and received the blessing of great hospitality, a very informative presentation, and an opportunity to see what God is doing through this amazing ministry. Our three friends Professor Alex and Brenda Awad, and college President Emeritus Bishara Awad, welcomed us warmly.

Part of our visit included delivering the supplies and financial donations of those who contributed to our ongoing “suitcase ministry” to BBC. Here is an excerpt from their note of thanks, which highlights some of the additional outreach ministries of the college that these contributions are supporting:

Thank you for the recent visit of your team and your generous donation . . . to Bethlehem Bible College! Additionally, the College appreciates your participation and generosity through the suitcase ministry. The office and guesthouse supplies that you brought will be a great help to us in the coming months as various ministries to our students and the community continue. In particular, via the Shepherd Society, vitamins and other medicines are given to people in need who cannot otherwise afford to purchase these. Also, annually we run a children’s camp for 100+ children. . . .

Bethlehem Bible College has 125 students at present, and a healthy educational ministry in a variety of fields and vocations. Pray for our friends at BBC as we look forward to seeing them again!