Onward in 2013: Looking Forward

On a DigAs 2012 draws to a close and we quickly approach our date of departure for the Holy Land, remember the final two sessions of our “Going Places” series coming up on January 2 and 9.

The first will be split into two 45-minute segments: First, John will give a brief presentation on biblical archaeology, Digging In to Understand Biblical History. We will be introduced to the history of archaeology in the Holy Land and to the modern process of excavating a site. This introduction will give us an orientation to how sites are developed and interpreted, in order to help us understand some of the archaeology that we’ll encounter on our journey.

Tina will lead the second half of the session, which will be devoted to travel details, Q & A, and additional tips. We’ll plan a short break between segments so that any who wish to attend the first but who are not traveling with us this year can feel free to be dismissed if they like.

Then, on Jan. 9, we welcome back Dr. Roby Barrett for a bonus presentation on the modern situation in Israel-Palestine and an informed perspective on current events. In addition to the recommended reading mentioned in previous posts (also see under the Resources tab above), he has referred us to a well-written article on the internal challenges that Israel’s growing social diversity has generated. This is a good introduction to the reality of a complex social and political fabric in Israel of which many Americans are unaware. Read the article here.