‘Going Places’ Class begins October 3

This Wednesday, Oct. 3, a short series of classes to support our upcoming journey to the Holy Land will begin. We are delighted to offer an opportunity to gather, to get acquainted, to study together, and to prepare. The series is called ‘Going Places’ because it will focus on the land and the locations that we will visit, and on the significance of these places to our understanding of Scripture.

‘Going Places’ will also include an introduction and review of some basic resources for the study of the land, its historical geography, and biblical and archaeological studies in general. There will be many recommendations and opportunities to share excellent resources for further personal study and preparation.

Please note (this is very important): ‘Going Places’ is a class that is open to all, not just to those who will travel with us in January. While some of our discussion will relate directly to the trip, most of the content of this learning experience is relevant to anyone interested in the subject. Come one and all for the entire series, or choose the topics that most appeal to you. You can see the lineup and some specifics about each session here.

The study will meet six times this fall and twice in January, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm in Room C200. Note that we will not meet on Oct. 31. As soon as the exact dates in January are determined, they will be posted on this site. Join this exciting and informative adventure here in McKinney, and if would like to come along to the Holy Land, let us know. There’s room for you!