Worship in Bethlehem

What a wonderful day full of worship in Bethlehem.  We began with an outdoor devotion at Shepherd’s field.  Singing “Angels We Have Heard On High” in the cave where the shepherds held their sheep in the 1st century was very moving.  The rain and sleet held off until we made it back to the bus. 

worship in the field

During our walk through that city center we had a good close up look at how people live in this city. We followed the church bells ringing through the streets to the Lutheren Christmas Church where we found a warm, open, friendly congregation. Half the service was in English and half in Arabic. One hymn sounded familiar and we all joined in as it was one we had in our journals that we brought with us. The hymn “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”.  Hearing all of us raise our voices in worship all in our own language brought to mind how we all all in the family of God, just as we are, nothing else is needed.

Christmas Church

We made it to the Church of the Nativity to see where Jesus was born.  In the cave, in the grotto where Jesus was born we sang “Silent Night” and imagined what it was like in that cave more than 2000 years ago.

in the grotto

Bethlehem Bible College is a beautiful place of higher education.  We were blessed by visiting and being able to brin gifts to the college. We pray that they will be blessed with the gifts and grow in their mission.

visiting at Bethlehem Bible College

Our dinner was one of cautious optimissim.  As we split up into small groups and found our way to Christian famililies in town.  We found the host families interested in visiting with us and sharing their lives with us.  The seek to be understood and find friends outside of Bethlehem.
our host family

Every day is better and better as we get closer to God in our walk and our adventure.