Going Over the Hill and Getting Married (Again)

That’s over the Mt. Carmel ridge and to the wedding chapel at Cana, where Jerry and Patti, and Mike and Tina renewed their marriage vows. Our day in Israel was spectacular. We started at the magnificent site of Caesarea Maritima, and we saw the archaeological site as well as put our toes in the Mediterranean Sea. From there we visited the place on Mt. Carmel where Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal and crossed the Jezreel Valley into Galilee.
At Cana, a good time was had by all as two of our couples renewed their vows (mazel tov!). The day finished in Nazareth, where we’re staying the night. After a time of worship at St. Gabriel’s Church, we’re still together in the hotel lounge. As we write, we’ve just ordered hot cocoa ’cause it’s on the chilly side in Galilee tonight!

ready for anything