Be Prepared, Pt 2: Reading for Jan 14

First, note the correction in yesterday’s post: Roby Barrett will be with us on January 14 (not the 8th).

Next, here are the rest of the documents that Dr. Barrett has recommended for us in preparation for our session on January 14. Three articles have been uploaded to the FUMCintheHolyLand files that you can access just like other files we’ve shared: look for the Box in the righthand column of this page.

These articles are a bit more academic. Begin with Evans’ piece on the media’s role, then Witkin on the Nation-State system (a large file), then Nisan on the Druze in Israel. I won’t be copying these to hand out or emailing them because of copyright restrictions, but I will put them in our file-sharing box only until Saturday, January 14, then  I will remove them.

Here’s what we ask: Please download and read the documents, but do not pass them beyond our group. If you print or save any of these three documents, do so only for your own individual use.

Finally, Roby recommends that we read the prologue and first chapter of Avi Shlaim’s The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World for some more background on the Zionist movement. If you have this book (I recommended it earlier in our series), read pages 1-53. If not, you can actually read the first 51 pages on Google Books. I’ve scanned the last two pages and posted them with our other files.

Shalom and happy reading! See you Sunday!