Be Prepared: Getting Ready for our Jan. 14 Session!

We are delighted to welcome fellow church member Dr. Roby Barrett to lead our last pre-departure session on Jan. 14. This information session will be focused on learning about the various groups and factions that exist today in the Holy Land, and how these groups relate to one another. This includes the relationship between Israel and Palestine, as well the relationships among the groups that exist within Israel and within Palestine.

Our goal on January 14 will be to listen and learn about the situation as it currently stands, in order to inform our experiences as we travel. This session will not be geared toward policy or a discussion of how things should be. Dr. Barrett will have much to offer us, and he will plan to entertain questions as they relate to the evening’s topic and objectives.

Roby has generously provided us with some resources that will help prepare us for our time together. These come in two forms: some recent web articles that you can click on, and some print resources. The former are provided below. Tomorrow, I will create access to the other materials and post instructions here for viewing them. Copyright restrictions will require us to observe some limitations, but these should not be severe.

Please take time to peruse all of the items that have been made available to us. There won’t be a test, but the more informed we are, the better our session our be!,2506,L-4117312,00.html


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  1. Actually, I checked with Tina and he is coming January 14. Our final “checklist” meeting is January 8.

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