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Traveling can be hard and crazy and confusing if you don’t travel often.  Some travel tips from the trip wholesaler Select International are included in the download document area.


The Journey is Coming on Sunday Mornings

The season of Advent is coming, and as we prepare our hearts and lives for Christmas this year, we invite you on a Journey. For 5 weeks beginning November 20, the Faith Connections and the Jubilee Sunday school classes will enter into Adam Hamilton’s newest study, The Journey. These classes both meet at 9:00 on Sunday mornings: Faith Connections in Room C210, and Jubilee in Room C200.

This study series includes a video segment each week filmed on location in the Holy Land. The Journey begins in Nazareth with the announcement to Mary that she would bear a child, then follows Mary and Joseph all the way to the birth of Jesus, to the manger in Bethlehem.

Because Hamilton integrates the physical locations of the gospel events into the study so effectively, and because our travel group will visit these places in January, you are warmly invited to join with either class this season. Here is a short YouTube clip to give you a flavor:

Adam Hamilton’s book titled The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem is available from Abingdon Press, as well as an Advent daily devotional guide, The Journey: A Season of Reflection. These are not necessary for the study, but are well-done resources for any who are interested.

Plan to join in as you prepare for Christmas and for our voyage to the Holy Land in January!