Hostess Gifts and Currency

As we continue to prepare for our Holy Land Trip, we need to consider additional items for our packing list: hostess gifts, offerings, and tips.

Hostess Gifts are such an important way to say thank you.  We will have the opportunity to thank the families that prepare dinner for us on the Sunday we visit Bethlehem.  These families are Palestinian Christians.  It would be nice for us to show our brothers and sisters in Christ some Texas gratitude by taking a small gift. 

Suggested items from recent travelers includes peanut butter.  There are many specialties in Texas that we could share.  If you like to craft or sew please share your handiwork. One traveler talked about making a small table runner for her host family.

Any way you wish to share your love of Christ and gratitude toward your host family is wonderful.

Other things to keep in mind as we travel.  Many of the sites are holy places of worship and reflection.  Candles are offered if you wish to pray and light a candle in exchange for a small offering.  Be prepared and bring some change with you.  This might be a time where you wish to use local currency.

 We will take a love offering during our study sessions prior to the trip.  This offering is for the church in Bethlehem when we attend worship services on the Sunday of our trip.

 Also tipping is encouraged at meals as well as the tour guide and driver.

 Also, keep local currency for public restrooms.