Walking here… Walking there…

Walking has long been a tradition in the Holy Land.  Once as the main mode of transportation and now just the only logical way to navigate some of the modest streets of towns.

Prepare yourself for a wonderful experience by walking here so you are prepared to walk there. 

One short walk, about 1 mile with hilly terrain, is in the historic neighborhood of McKinney. 

  • Exit First UMC McKinney and turn south down Church St.
  • At W Virginia St turn right (east). 
  • Walk a few blocks to College St and turn left (south).
  • Walk 1 block to W Louisiana St and turn left (west) toward the downtown square.
  • Enjoy the nice hills as you walk a few blocks down W Louisiana St. Turn left (north) onto Church St.
  • End at First UMC McKinney.

 Another practice walk, about 1 mile with uneven terrain,is in the Stonebridge neighborhood. The uneven pavement in this neighborhood is similar to what you will find in the older towns in the Holy Land such as Jerusalem and Nazareth.

  • Start at any parking lot in Adriatica, at the corner of Stonebridge and Virginia Parkway.
  • Walk east on Virginia toward Highway 75. Turn right on Adriatic Parkway.
  • Walk toward the Tower and follow Adriatic Parkway as it turns right at the tower and curves on toward Stonebridge.
  • Turn right on Stonebridge and head back to Virginia Parkway.