We’ve Got Class

Ready to go? It’s time to begin preparing our hearts and minds together as a group for our journey to the Holy Land. We invite and encourage you to join in our short series of study sessions leading up to our departure.

These 8 sessions will include Bible study, a preview of the sites we will visit and their significance, some discussion of the geography and archaeology of the land (and why it matters), and other topics that will inform our experience of the locations we’ll visit. Also, each session will include a brief time for talking over the practical travel tips that we will need for our trip.

So through these sessions we plan to:

  • give you additional information about the land and the sites that we will visit,
  • provide you with additional resources if you wish to go deeper into the topics,
  • share travel tips of things you need or things that might make the trip more comfortable, and
  • create a community:  It is our desire to ensure that we all know each other and that we are traveling as a community of believers to enhance the enjoyment and experience of the trip.

The class will meet on Sundays, October 16, 23, 30, November 6, 13, 20, and January 8. A special Bonus Session will also be offered in January, date TBA. Sessions will be at FUMC in Room C210 from 6:15 to 7:45 p.m. See the Classes page for the full schedule. We will post a reminder of each session here, and we hope that you will use this blog to comment, share, ask questions, and engage with one another about what we learning in anticipation of our journey.

Pastor John Harman will lead the sessions, and Tina Ripperger will provide the travel information each week. All are welcome to participate in the study, whether you are traveling with us or not. Although this experience is tailored to the group going in January, the learning will still be valuable and is available to anyone who would like to join in the spirit in which we are gathering. Here is what’ s up for session 1:

The Holy Land is a Land (Oct. 16)

We’ll get the overall lay of the Land in this first session. We will look at the route we will travel, get our bearings on the size, shape, and contour of the Land, and talk about the major geographical regions and their importance. And, of course, we will spend time in Bible study to understand what the Scriptures tell us about the Holy Land and to raise the question, Why does the physical and historical geography matter?

See you there!


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