How to Use This Site

This website is built on a blog platform, which means it is easy for us to share information in a dynamic way and to interact with one another in discussion.

When you point your browser to, you will see a list of posts, or articles, with the most recent one at the top. It will have a title, date, and author. The front page will display the most recent 10 posts. If you want to read something published before then, see the Archive menu on the sidebar to the right.

What sets a blog post apart from an ordinary article is the Comment section that you find at the bottom. A blog post is an article that invites participation, feedback, and comments from those in the community of readers.

If you would like to join the discussion, look for a section titled “Leave a Comment” at the bottom of the post.  Type in your name, email address, and your comment.  Click “Post Comment” when you are done.  (If your comment does not appear immediately, don’t worry – it may have to be reviewed just to prevent spam and the like.)

It can be burdensome to visit the site routinely just to see if there are any new posts or other updates.  The blog provides a simple way to be notified by email when there is activity.  You can check the box anytime you leave a comment on any page, or look for the place to “Subscribe via Email” in the right hand column and click “Sign me up!” Either way, you should only need to enter your email once and you’ll be subscribed.

Finally, for those who prefer news readers – you probably didn’t need these instructions at all, but you should find links to subscribe to the RSS feed as well. Click on the orange button peeking out of the menu bar at the top, and you’ll be prompted to subscribe using the reader of your choice.


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