Get Ready…. Start Now!

Getting ready for a trip abroad can be exciting…what to pack?  how many shoes?  what else should I bring?  what do I need to know?

The first thing – ensure the passport is updated and all registration information is turned in.

Then, on to the fun stuff!

Exercise!  What?  I thought this was a fun trip.  It is a fun, educational, and spiritual journey.  However, if we are going to walk in the path and footsteps of Jesus, we need to be walking!  Much of the trip will be on and off a bus and some of the exciting things to see will be on a walk.

How to get ready?  Start walking.  Find your favorite park, neighborhood, mall, or for some the high school track.  Your goal should be to walk about 1/2 mile with some slight hills easily.  We have 4 months to prepare, I know you can do it.  You will see me walking the children to school each day!  I’ll look for you.

Don’t worry, I’ll post more information with answers to the questions in the first sentence.