Welcome to First United Methodist Church’s Holy Land 2020 adventure! Join us on a Christian pilgrimage as we encounter lands of the Bible and follow in the footsteps of Jesus. With a new group of friends on a life-changing journey, we will prepare together, travel and learn together, worship in faith together, and gain a perspective on the Bible and on biblical history that only comes from being there. This voyage will also give you a glimpse of this fascinating land as it is today, shared by many faiths and by the secular, all of whom live side-by-side in a complex social and cultural tapestry.

First UMC’s Senior Pastor, Dr. Tommy Brumett, will be our spiritual leader on this transforming travel experience. You are invited to come along in February 2020 for a most unique, rich, and fulfilling experience of discipleship.

Explore the details of the journey on this site. Gather information, see images from past adventures, browse some Frequently Asked Questions, and contact us with any other inquiries that you have. First UMC is excited to return to the Holy Land on a pilgrimage of faith, learning and growing in community.

Holy Land 2020

We are finalizing the details of our travel and should have them available by early December. Our departure will be in the late January to mid-February window, and the estimated cost is around $4,000 per person. There are a number of variables that we are still negotiating, so this is only an approximation. We are planning for about a 10-day trip.

The cost estimate includes airfare and all accommodations and activities on the itinerary. It also includes breakfast and dinner each day at our hotels. Lunch will be on our own at various stops according to our itinerary for the day. A budget of $10-15 per day for lunch is sufficient. We expect to leave from DFW and to connect in the northeast for an overseas flight direct to Tel Aviv. Our connection city will depend on which airline we select.

We also plan to host a series of pre-trip orientation classes at First UMC in order to get to know one another and build community, to learn about the sites that we will visit and why they are important, to prepare to be on pilgrimage and enjoy the spiritual experience of our journey, and to cover specific logistical details relevant to our travel.


Photo credit:
Church of the Holy Sepulchre-Edicule, Todd Bolen (BiblePlaces.com)

About the Team

Dr. TTommy Brumettommy Brumett is Senior Pastor of First United Methodist Church in McKinney, TX. He served First UMC in Decatur from 2002-2008, and has served First UMC in McKinney since 2008, where the church has been identified as one of the fastest-growing large United Methodist churches in the U.S. He has been preaching in United Methodist congregations for 30 years.

Tommy holds degrees from Southwestern University and Southern Methodist University. He is married to Eve, and they have two children, Caitlin and Josh, and a granddaughter, Mary Olivia.


Tina R

Tina Ripperger is a member of McKinney’s First United Methodist Church and is our trip coordinator. She has organized three previous journeys to the Holy Land for the church, in addition to a land-and-sea trip to Greece and Turkey.



John HarmanDr. John Harman is the Adult Discipleship Pastor at First United Methodist Church in McKinney, TX. He provides leadership support to classes, studies, and groups, and participates as a teacher and facilitator in adult Sunday school classes, small groups, and Bible studies. His greatest interests are in history, archaeology, and biblical studies, especially the study of the Old Testament.

John is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, holds a Ph.D. degree in Old Testament, and has traveled to the Holy Land five times in the past nine years. Three of these visits have been with groups from First UMC.

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